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Leaving LeapMind

Note: This is an English translation of this post.

I guess someone knows and others don't, but anyway, I will leave LeapMind in the middle of next month.

It was the beginning of the last Oct when I joined the company. Since then, I have spent around one year, but it was quite a fulfilling year. I had a thrilling and supreme experience as an engineer, through the challenge in the cutting-edge area of deep learning compiler development, which is what only a few people can enjoy in the world.
There is a full of appreciation for all members of LeapMind. I would like to thank to all of them.

And then, I will be a freelance engineer from around Oct 20th.
But I won't be a permanent freelancer. I'm planning to spend several months to do various things including job hunting, and eventually, hopefully, I would transfer to another company.
Actually, there are many things I have wanted to do so much but failed due to lack of time. I may do some of them during the freelance period.

I want to add a note about MLSE (the special interest group of Machine Learning Systems Engineering). I will keep active as a steering member. We also spent around one year from when we started the activity as a voluntary group, and have gained huge supports from many people, much more than expected, through the year. This is worthwhile, I believe. That makes me more enthusiastic to boost the movement until "the machine learning systems engineering" becomes a true academic discipline.

So anyway, my title and affiliation will change, but I will come through and hit it up. Thanks!

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